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The Only University-Model School in Frisco

Grace Covenant Academy is a University-Model School that partners with parents in the mission of educating and discipling students. Located in Frisco, Texas, GCA merges the best attributes of public, private, and home school education to create a distinctly Christian, gospel-centered school that prepares students to be disciples of Christ. Our target is for students to love learning and love God. We believe the best education focuses on both scholarship and discipleship!

What does University-Model mean?

“University-Model” means that students in grades K-5 attend classes at school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Our Upper School students – grades 6-12 – attend classes Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. All students complete lessons on the home days that are carefully crafted by their teachers. They have a full school day at home, but parents don’t have to create the lesson plans. The goal is to give parents more time with their children, compared to a five-day school, while providing the structure that helps students make progress.

  • Extracurricular Activities

    Adventure Program

    The Adventure program is designed to teach students multiple outdoor disciplines and leadership skills that can be carried throughout life.

    We exist to cultivate life long servant leaders united as a team to become more like Christ and strive to build skills that empower students to live adventurously in God’s creation.

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  • Extracurricular Activities


    At GCA, our athletics program is an expression of our mission to provide a well-rounded Christian education focused on discipleship to Christ. Our athletes learn to thrive as one team and build a sense of community and social involvement, all through the spirit of fun competition.

    We offer basketball, volleyball and track & field athletics programs.

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  • Extracurricular Activities

    Fine Arts

    GCA students have the opportunity to explore their talents and develop their skills, while learning how to use them to glorify God.

    Our students may participate in art, band, choir, visual arts, performance, and speech and debate. Learn about our Fine Arts programs.

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  • This school has been a gift to our family. The staff have helped us learn how to take up our responsibility of being the primary educators of our children with wonderful encouragement, feedback, support, and community. Through GCA we get the best of both worlds- the structure of the classroom and the flexibility, the time with other students and their families and the precious time with our own family. We can’t recommend it highly enough!

    Kalib Wilkinson // Parent
  • I have been in many different school models and this one is by far the best! I will definitely choose this one for my daughter when the time comes! I have experienced public school, private school, boarding school, and homeschool. I have been a student and a teacher in all these types of schools. University model schools combine pros such as close community, friendships, strong family ties, high quality education, independence, and flexibility, while being cheaper than most private schools. They allow students freedom to pursue many interests in their time outside school. GCA has done a wonderful job of setting up a climate that is conducive to students learning no matter their background or abilities.

    Mary Buri // Teacher
  • We have been attending GCA for the past 3 years. We love the staff and the parents we have partnered with through the University Model provided here. We are forever grateful to the Smiths for listening to Gods call to open this school for our community

    Autumn Schafer // Parent
  • Our family LOVES GCA! It is run by people that truly put the Lord first. They truly have a heart for ALL children! This school has changed our daughter’s life. She has gone from a shy introverted person to a confident happy and outgoing person! Never in a million years did I believe our girl would be playing basketball, running track, and joining yearbook! The change is because of the environment and the way the children are encouraged to really take time to get to know and support one another.

    Jenny Burns // Parent
  • Fabulous school! They have an awesome vision for education and being part of this community is like gaining a second family.

    Tiffany Cook // Teacher

Our Mission

Grace Covenant Academy exists to assist Christian parents to disciple their children to know God and make Him known, through a distinctly Christian education.

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