Little Hearts, Big Faith

Grace Covenant Academy Kindergarten

Let the Little Children Come to Me

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me…” and that’s what we do at Grace Covenant Academy, allow the little children to experience Jesus. At GCA, we offer kindergarten classes that help build an educational foundation, while partnering with you to teach them about Christ and His gospel. 


Kinder students have classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:00 am – 3:00 pm and learn through games, music, play time, and hands-on activities. Through hands-on, relational learning, we focus on providing a basic core education that develops a love for learning and reading, a mastery of math, and character development, groomed in the context of knowing God.

Our Promise: Small Class Sizes

We promise to keep the class size to less than 18. Typically for kinder our class sizes are around 12-14

Curriculum / Courses

In Kindergarten, we focus on developing the fundamental skills required to be lifelong learners. Below is an overview of the general emphasis of each subject.

// Bible

At this age, we focus on helping students learn the basics of the Gospel. We want them to learn who God is, how we can know Him through Jesus, and how we can talk with him through prayer and the Bible.

// Math

Students receive a basic introduction to the world of mathematics! We want our students to explore the relationships between numbers and help them to understand how math works. We utilize creative crafts, number stories, projects, and homework to help students understand the logic behind math and give them a solid foundation to excel in this discipline.  Our goal is to train children who know how to think mathematically and are able to use math as an important tool in life.

// Handwriting

We want to help students learn how to write. We focus on repetition and practice to help students write legibly and clearly.

// Reading

In Kindergarten, we set the building blocks to create lifelong readers. We use reading groups, games, songs, “read alouds”, and other engaging methods to illustrate that reading can be fun! We help students grow in their ability to read and comprehend, so that they can succeed throughout their academic career.

// Science

In science, students begin studying God’s creation through physical, life, earth and space sciences. At this age, we try to cultivate a curious mind that wants to ask questions and learn through observation of God’s wonderful creation.

// Social Studies

In social studies, students begin to learn about the history of the world and our nation. We look at historical sequence, geography, US culture and history, and more. In Kindergarten, we want students to cultivate an interest in social studies and in learning about how God has interacted with His creation throughout all of history.

// Character

While we realize that character training takes place primarily in the home, we consistently try to model and teach godly character in order to reinforce the principles and habits our families embrace. We utilize class management techniques to encourage students to lead and submit to authority. Additionally, we focus on the importance of respect, love, obedience, diligence, and forgiveness. Throughout the semester, we study a variety of character traits as families, with home sheets, suggested family discussions, and chapel speakers.

Our Staff

  • Tasha Bradley
    Tasha Bradley


    Tasha Bradley

    Tasha Bradley