The Wilderness,
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Grace Covenant Academy Adventure Program

What Is An Adventure Program?

The Adventure program is designed to teach students multiple outdoor disciplines and leadership skills that can be carried throughout life.

We exist to cultivate lifelong servant leaders united as a team to become more like Christ and strive to build skills that empower students to live adventurously in God’s creation.

Along with classroom lectures, students spend ample time outdoors putting their skills to practice- both locally and out of state.

Who is this program for?

The adventure program is for 7-12 graders only. We seek to admit middle and high-schoolers who exhibit these leadership qualities:

  • Participation and interest to be there and to learn
  • Servant Heart: willingness to assist others during team-building
  • Humble Heart: responsiveness to correction during training

What is included?

The GCA Adventure Program includes:

  • Weekly meetings (this program is a class and you will receive an electives credit for participating)
  • Fall, Spring and Summer Trip
  • GCA provides gear that can be checked out for each trip *not all gear is provided, see gear sheet for more details
Homecoming Week Graphic October 2021

GCA Adventure Program

Nature truly gives glory to God and reveals his power and love. Experience adventure for Christ with an aim to grow leaders and build community through cooperative adventures in the great outdoors.