Grace Covenant Academy Student Activities

Student Activities at GCA

Field Trips

People learn best through personal exploration and experience. Our families have many opportunities to experience local museums, animal exhibits, and farms through our Family Field Trips. 

These trips are designed to expose students to hands-on learning.  Organized by the school, and overseen by parents, they are always the highlight of our students’ year!

Outdoor Education and Retreats

Lifelong memories are forged when students can get aware to learn and grow together at camp. 

Each year, our Upper School students spend time bonding with their peers during our Upper School Retreat.  This time is highlighted by spiritual growth, team play, and growing deeper in friendship.  Our students consistently tell us these were some  was the best times of their high school years!

Our 5-6th graders also enjoy an Outdoor Education experience at Sky Ranch in East Texas.  Besides having a lot of recreational fun, they learn about science, the outdoors, and their classmates!