Upper School

Grace Covenant Academy Grades 9-12

High School with a Higher Objective | Grades 9-12

At Grace Covenant Academy, we take the high school years seriously. Our University-Model structure helps our students prepare for the rigors of college, but we are more concerned with their heart to know and follow the Lord. So we take the time to really invest in our high school students to show them what it means to live a life committed to God’s glory.

Our students build community with each other and with the faculty through an annual Back to School Retreat in September, the Christian Leadership Institute for juniors and seniors in the fall, the Winter Formal in February, outdoor Adventure Club trips and school-wide events such as the GCA 5K and Fun Run. We encourage our high school students to enroll in competitive speech and debate to sharpen their critical thinking skills and to learn to communicate winsomely and compellingly. Most GCA high school students play basketball and run track, because the objective here is to enjoy the game and learn teamwork, as well as get exercise.


At Grace Covenant Academy, our high school (grades 9-12) meets Monday, Tuesday,  and Thursday each week for active classes where students learn through discussions, town halls, debates, lectures, and projects that acclimate students to college life. When students are not on campus, they are expected to study and complete homework, just like college students.

Our Promise: Small Class Sizes

The maximum size for high school classes is 20 students.

Curriculum / Courses

The following courses are our typical core classes and electives for high school students. Classes, schedules, and course offerings may be subject to change. If you have specific questions about the courses your student will be taking, please contact our office.

// Math

Algebra 1
Algebra 2
AP Calculus

// Liberal Arts

Foundations of Literature and Composition
American Literature and Composition
World Literature and Composition
British Literature and Composition
Bible/Faith and Culture
Foundations of World View (Starting Points)
World History
American History
Spanish 1
Spanish 2

// Sciences

Anatomy & Physiology
Foreign Language

// Electives

ACT Prep
Communications Applications
NCFCA Competitive Speech
NCFCA Competitive Debate
Personal Finance