Grace Covenant Academy Visual Arts

Arts / Visual Arts Programs at GCA

The simple fact that we’re able to imagine and create shows that we reflect the imagination, creativity, and care of our God. So at Grace Covenant Academy, we do our best to provide artistic opportunities for students to grow in their creative capacities.

Visual Art for Lower School

Our elementary art program is included in the school day for all elementary classes in grades K-5.  Our students create art that correlates with some of the subjects they are studying in the rest of our curriculum through painting, sketching, sculpting and more.

Visual Art for Upper School

Visual Art in Upper School is designed to provide students with a well-rounded art education, which includes art lessons integrating instruction in art production, art history, art criticism, and art aesthetics. Throughout the year students learn about a wide variety of art techniques, artists, art movements, and how to evaluate and appreciate the art to which they are exposed.