Grace Covenant Academy Speech And Debate

Competitive Speech & Debate Program

Grace Covenant Academy’s competitive speech and debate club exists to teach students life skills through the vehicle of competitive speech and debate —  in a manner that glorifies God. The objective is to teach how to communicate clearly and how to seek God first in the process.

We think competition offers the best opportunity to sharpen these skills, due to the number of hours devoted to practice and watching  peers at the regional, state and national level who participate at various skill levels.

Our Goal with Speech and Debate

We want our future adults to be able to:


We recommend speech for all high school students, but one class (half a credit) of speech is required for all high school diplomas. Speech can be taken every year with half a credit earned for it each year. NCFCA is a high school league that allows middle school student participation.

Parental consideration should be given as to the social and spiritual maturity required to wrestle with high school, age-appropriate material.


At the high school level, we encourage strong students to delve into the best activity we know for teaching advanced critical thinking skills: competitive debate. Debate can be taken every year with one credit earned for it each year.  Debate is time-intensive, but teaches a myriad of life-enhancing skills that include:

Training communicators to be winsome

Our league, the National Christian Forensics and Communication Association, offers Christ-like values and well-organized tournaments during the spring competition season, January through May. Students practice their speeches and debate arguments at club meetings or classes all fall and often have a practice tournament in fall. In fact, debate students are required to attend debate camp locally for one week during August. To learn about joining GCA’s speech and debate club, click below for the handbook.